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    Thanks for visiting our blog. Who is Funico you might ask?

    Husband-and-wife led team. Award-winning New York wedding photographers and videographers. Imagine the photo & video possibilities!

    Our names are actually Alice & James Thompson, not Alice & James Funico (though we've gotten mail addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Funico!) We created the word "funico" because we wanted a name that people would remember and something that includes the word "fun" in it. Your wedding is a celebration and all parts of it should be FUN!

    We love everything about photographing weddings! The fun candid moments. Harnessing light to create PHOTOGRAPHIC ART. And giving you amazing photos & videos to enjoy for years to come!

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Photo Contest Won with Eyes Closed

We love this photo of Ana & Alex.  The happy couple got married a few weeks ago and had their reception at the North Ritz Club.  After seeing the pic on Facebook, Alex commented on how his eyes were closed.  They were?  We zoomed in and squinted and squinted and realized that indeed, Alex was right – his eyes weren’t 100% open!   The bubble mania and Ana’s expression really drew us in, so much so that we didn’t notice Alex’s eyes.

Well, we submitted the image to an AGWPJA contest before we knew about the eye problem.  Once Alex pointed it out, we looked at each other and said “oh well, guess we goofed.”  Better luck next time.  To our suprise, the image actually won!  According to the judge “this is a fun, bubbly image that works well. The bride is the center of attention, which makes this photo successful.”  Guess the bubbles and beautiful Ana really drew in the judges as well!

wedding at north ritz club

Our Central Park Photo Wins An Award

It’s nice to be recognized as an artist.

We just learned that another one of our photos received an Accolade of Excellence from Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI). This organization was started over 30 years ago to help improve and promote the talents of wedding photographers. Some of the world’s most famous wedding photographers compete in its photo contest. It’s an honor to have our work recognized among such tough competition. The winning image was not taken at a wedding. It’s actually a landscape photo of Central Park after a big snow storm. We’ve been told that it looks like a painting and should be displayed in a gallery. Looks like the WPPI judges agree. We’d love to hear what you think. Let us know!

To see the official press release from WPPI, Click Here.

October 11, 2010 - 10:40 am

Susan Giacalone - Congrats!! I absolutely love this picture. Maybe one day I will purchase a copy of it.

October 11, 2010 - 11:08 am

jahayra munoz - This is an outstanding picture, it does look like a painting you deserved the award congrats!!!!

October 13, 2010 - 7:50 pm

OHANA PHOTOGRAPHERS - absolutely beautiful!

Sweet Thank You Gift

We are always touched when our couples go out of their way to send us a thank you gift. The most recent gift was so sweet and unique that we just had to share it. We photographed Susan and Julius’ wedding last October. It was on the night before Halloween so they had a masquerade ball theme. They’ve been raving about us in emails and on Facebook since the wedding, but recently sent us a gift to express gratitude on a whole new level. It’s like receiving a thank you trophy, except it’s more fun because the “thank you” rotates inside a globe surrounded by swirling glitter as a song plays.

Susan and Julius – thanks so much for the unique and thoughtful gift. We very much appreciate it!