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    Thanks for visiting our blog. Who is Funico you might ask?

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    Our names are actually Alice & James Thompson, not Alice & James Funico (though we've gotten mail addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Funico!) We created the word "funico" because we wanted a name that people would remember and something that includes the word "fun" in it. Your wedding is a celebration and all parts of it should be FUN!

    We love everything about photographing weddings! The fun candid moments. Harnessing light to create PHOTOGRAPHIC ART. And giving you amazing photos & videos to enjoy for years to come!

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Luciana & Denis’ NY Wedding at Marina Del Rey Caterers

Next up in our “anniversary series” are Luciana & Denis. They got married at Marina Del Rey Caterers in the Bronx on April 18, 2009. To the happy couple – congrats and hope you had a fun first anniversary celebration in Aruba!

Luciana & Denis started their day with a Catholic mass in St. Barnabas Church in Long Island…

st barnabas church wedding ceremony

and ended with a reception at Marina Del Rey Caterers. Marina del Rey is in the Bronx, but with its beautiful pier, you’d think it was in a more exotic location!

wedding party at marina del rey caterers in bronx ny

bride and groom at marina del rey bronx

For those of you whom we’ve had the honor to meet, you know about our “wall of photos.” From our first meeting, Denis has been very keen to get on this “wall.” Well, Denis, we have to say…YES, we love your photos and in particular, the 2 below! One of these will be going up on our wall in the near future.

bride looks lovingly at groom during first dance

bride and groom kiss on dance floor at marina del rey bronx nyc

We’re always very happy to hear that our brides & grooms love their photos. According to Denis, ” I remember saying that if the wedding photos are half as nice as our engagement photos, we are in luck. These look even better. Thanks again for capturing this day and making it look as memorable as it was.”

To see more of Luciana & Denis’ wedding pictures, click on the image below.

May 27, 2010 - 3:10 pm

Brittany - Absolutely lovely job with these! They must be thrilled!

Church Photography Restrictions Didn’t Prevent Us from Getting an Award-Winning Photo

Alice and I are both members of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA).  This exclusive organization represents some of the most talented wedding photojournalists in the world. An offshoot of the WPJA is the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (AGWPJA). The AGWPJA focuses more on special effect photos.

We are excited to announce that both of the images we submitted to a recent AGWPJA photo contest have been honored with awards.  One image was taken during a wedding at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan. St. Patrick’s is both breathtaking and an important center of Catholic life. We can definitely understand why brides would want to get married there! Unfortunately, for us wedding photographers though, St. Patrick’s is difficult because it has very strict rules.   They actually assign security personnel to keep an eye on us during the ceremony!

St Patrick’s does not allow the use of flashes or tripods.  We, however, have one of the best cameras in the industry for taking photos in low light even if we can’t use a flash. Its speed also allows us to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) images without having to use a tripod. HDR photos are created by combining several shots into one final image to show the dramatic details in both the bright and dark areas of the Cathedral.   For those not interested in the technical details, let’s simply say we didn’t let the church’s restrictions prevent us from creating an award-winning image!


The other winning image was taken at an Indian wedding reception at the Hyatt Regency in Long Island.  We love photographing Indian weddings because of all the vibrant colors in everyone’s clothing.  We caught this great moment of a young kid dancing in his white suit to the cheers of his friends and family.  We changed some of the color tones to spice up the moment.


We hope you enjoy these photos as much as the contest judges did!

Naima & Rich – Wedding at Giando on the Water, Brooklyn, NY

Naima & Rich got married at Giando on the Water a few months ago.  Funny thing is that when we got married, we were thinking of checking out Giando on the Water as well.   We even made an appointment to visit the venue, but their website…shall we say, didn’t leave a very good impression.  Actually, I shouldn’t say “we.”  It was all “I”, i.e., Alice.  James didn’t even know that I was looking at Giando on the Water.  The pictures on their website definitely do not do the place justice.  Looking at the site, you’d have no clue that the hall actually has an absolutely stunning view of the Brooklyn Bridge (see our pic below). 

giando on the water wedding portrait of bride and groom

We ended up getting married in Long Island and James was actually a bit upset that we could have gotten married here instead!

Every bride goes through a few hours of preparations to become “all she can be” for the wedding day.   Naima is naturally a beautiful woman, but of course, no bride will say “no” to a little extra “enhancing” on the big day.


After she was ready, we took a few pictures of Naima by herself.   This dramatic shot of her with the sun and the city in the background is one of our favorite pictures.


Naima & Rich had beautiful weather for their wedding day, so they were able to have their ceremony outside.  Their vows were very sweet and touching and as you can see, Rich was quite moved by his lovely bride.


The couple had a merry reception with their friends and family.  Everyone celebrates in his or her own way though and in this image, Naima’s sister and Naima are celebrating very differently.  Naima’s sister is dancing lovingly with her boyfriend while Naima is getting down in the background.  Funny contrast, huh?


And, in case you want to really feel the “getting down”, below is a close-up of what Naima and her friends were doing in the background.  We love it when people are obviously having a great time! 


Naima recently said to us “I can’t tell you how many compliments we’ve received about the pictures you guys took.”  And, she told us something that noone else ever has.  James and I know that we have different photography styles, but we didn’t realize that other people can see it too.  According to Naima, our pictures have a “great feminine and masculine perspective.”  Who knows?  Maybe, it is the girl versus guy thing.  It definitely is something because our images definitely look different.  Very interesting observation, Naima – thanks for sharing the insight!

To see more of the good times had by Naima, Rich and their friends & family, click below.