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Photo Contest Won with Eyes Closed

We love this photo of Ana & Alex.  The happy couple got married a few weeks ago and had their reception at the North Ritz Club.  After seeing the pic on Facebook, Alex commented on how his eyes were closed.  They were?  We zoomed in and squinted and squinted and realized that indeed, Alex was right – his eyes weren’t 100% open!   The bubble mania and Ana’s expression really drew us in, so much so that we didn’t notice Alex’s eyes.

Well, we submitted the image to an AGWPJA contest before we knew about the eye problem.  Once Alex pointed it out, we looked at each other and said “oh well, guess we goofed.”  Better luck next time.  To our suprise, the image actually won!  According to the judge “this is a fun, bubbly image that works well. The bride is the center of attention, which makes this photo successful.”  Guess the bubbles and beautiful Ana really drew in the judges as well!

wedding at north ritz club