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    Our names are actually Alice & James Thompson, not Alice & James Funico (though we've gotten mail addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Funico!) We created the word "funico" because we wanted a name that people would remember and something that includes the word "fun" in it. Your wedding is a celebration and all parts of it should be FUN!

    We love everything about photographing weddings! The fun candid moments. Harnessing light to create PHOTOGRAPHIC ART. And giving you amazing photos & videos to enjoy for years to come!

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Felicia & Andrew’s Wedding at Cipriani Wall Street, NYC, NY

Felicia & Andrew had a “Downtown NY” wedding with all the festivities located by the Financial District.  The day started off at the Millenium Hilton hotel where Felicia and the ladies (“ladies” also include adorable flower girls) got ready.

bride gets ready at millenium hilton hotel before wedding reception at cipriani wall street

Then, off to St. Andrew’s Church to get married.  The church is on federal property and by the federal courts, so security was very high.  The limo bus actually couldn’t get through and Felicia had to walk part of the way!

couple gets married at st. andrew

After the ceremony, we went to Tribeca for some shots with the urban cityscape.  What do you get when you mix a fantastically fun wedding party with a cool graffiti wall?  Some very edgy “posed portraits”!

wedding party before cipriani wall street wedding reception

After some fun on the bus (where Alice danced with the wedding party), we all arrived at Cipriani Wall Street.  And, what a breathtaking venue Felicia & Andrew chose for their reception!  This is definitely an occasion where a picture is worth a thousand words.  Look at that jaw-dropping architecture and those beautiful lighting enhancements…WOW!  Perfect setting for fun and dancing through the night.  We’re going to be photographing Monica & Rick at Cipriani 42nd Street in September and can’t wait to shoot at another Cipriani location.

cipriani wall street wedding reception

Andrew’s brother, Max, made a great best man’s speech.  He seemed so quiet the whole day, we had no clue that his words were going to be so heartwarming, poetic & funny. Kudos to Max!

funny best man speech

We really enjoyed our time with Felicia & Andrew and we were glad to hear that they were happy with us as well. According to Felicia, “the pictures are fabulous!!! They are absolutely beautiful! We are so happy we chose you two as our photographers!”

To see more photos from the happy couple’s wedding, click on the following image:

We actually used a new slide show program for this wedding. Aren’t the effects great? You can now even watch our slide shows in full screen! In the above, click on the icon that looks like the below image to see the slide show in full screen. Hit the “Esc” key to exit full screen and come back to this page.

Why Hire Ninja Wedding Photographers?

Some of our happy couples have called us Ninjas because we suddenly appear when there is a moment to be captured at weddings. Over the years, we’ve acquired a sixth sense for when something is going to happen and have perfected our techniques to capture it. Take for example the dance floor. Navigating through intoxicated dancers with camera equipment is not an easy task. James has it down to a science when it comes to getting a great photo in the midst of a rocking wedding reception. With his arms stretched above him, weaving to the beat, he can accurately point his camera to get a shot from above. One of these shots recently won an award from the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

The bride and groom were both very active in Indian dance groups, so of course, they love to dance. And so did many of their wedding guests. The winning photo captures the groom in the middle of a group hug on the crowded dance floor at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City. Can you feel the love?

Indian wedding reception at hyatt regency jersey city

This overhead camera technique is only effective if you can get to the moment in time. James prides himself on his ability to navigate through a crowded room in record time. How good is he? Well, while taking this photo of people dancing, James’ sixth sense detected that the groom was at the bar and about to have a shot with his buddies. Can you see it in the corner by the window? Do you think you have what it takes to get there in seconds to capture the shot? Note the distance to the corner of the room and the crowd he will have to navigate.

Within seconds, the Photo Ninja appears and gets the shot of people doing shots. If you look closely, you can see James’ arms stretched above his head reflected in the window.

Ninja Phototography

Our lawyer has told us that we should warn you that we are professionals with years of experience. Do not attempt to do this with your camera when you go to your next wedding.

Lauren Loves the Riviera Maya

We love all-inclusive resorts, particularly the ones in Mexico.  Our last visit was at the end of 2009 and we’ve been dying to go back!  Now that our daugher Lauren is almost 2, we figured it was time to introduce her to Mommy & Daddy’s favorite vacation spot.

What did Lauren think?  Hmmm….she looks pensive, almost sad, in this picture.  Maybe she doesn’t like the Riviera Maya?

The resounding answer is NO, Lauren LOVES the beach…

…and playing in the sand.

And she loves her new favorite drink, the Pina Colada (virgin, of course), which she calls “Colada.”  Not sure when she came up for breath in this picture – she sure was sucking away at that straw.

And, she loved the beautiful resort where we stayed.

All in all, it was a great vacation and our daughter was the perfect travel companion.  She LOVED everything about the Riviera Maya, just like her Mommy and Daddy.

May 16, 2011 - 7:09 pm

Mari Milani - Oh Alice, She is precious!! Loved seeing you, James and Lauren walking on the beach. Such a beautiful Family.

Mari xo

May 18, 2011 - 5:23 pm

aliceandjames - Thanks, Mari!

July 2, 2011 - 10:57 am

v7va - Nice 🙂

Our Photojournalism and Artistic Shots Win Awards

Hooray – 2 of our photos won awards in the latest Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) photo contest.  The WPJA is a prestigious organization of wedding photographers. One is an emotional moment between a groom and his dad and the other is an artistic shot of wedding rings.

This photo was captured just after Rebecca and Dan’s ceremony.  The judges were touched by, in their words, the “very sweet moment” between the groom and his dad.

We agree.  It’s much more common to see such an affectionate display between mother and daughter and we were touched as well by Mr. McFadden.

Rebecca & Dan recently sent us a great thank you card.  This is the front of the card – beautiful, isn’t it?  Just kidding, we designed the card for the happy couple and they sent it back to us…

…with this very sweet note on the inside.

Rebecca & Dan – thanks so much for the card and the kind words!

The other winning image from the competition was an artistic shot of Janna & Kevin’s wedding rings.  The judges loved the “reflection of the word marriage in the ring.”  So do we.  We used a macro lens to get a very close shot of the rings with words from their wedding invitation reflected on them.

WPJA is a well-respected international organization and we are honored to have them recognize both our photojournalistic and artistic skills.

April 25, 2011 - 12:50 pm

Peter - Great post, honest!

Our Surf Club Wedding Will Be on TV

One of our recent weddings will be on a TV show called Four Weddings.  What is Four Weddings?  It’s a reality show that features four brides who go to each other’s  weddings to determine who had the best wedding. The brides compete against each other for the honeymoon of their dreams. Personally, we think our couple’s wedding was awesome and should easily win the prize.

Kally & George had their wedding reception at the Surf Club in New Rochelle.  To chat about photography for your wedding, call us at 646 234 8927 or CLICK HERE to contact us.

Meet beautiful Kally, the bride.

The Greek Orthodox ceremony was in an incredible church.

wedding in greek orthodox church

The wedding reception was at the Surf Club in New Rochelle. Kally made the party favors by hand and had the table numbers lit by candle light.

Their DJ’s lighting helped set the scene from their romantic first dance…

bride and groom

…to a rockin’ party.  The blonde in the background is one of the brides that will be rating Kally & George’s wedding.  Looks like she was having a great time.

bride and groom kiss while dancing at surf club

Their reception had lots of dancing with tons of money being thrown around. Literally, because that’s a tradition at Greek weddings.

greek wedding dance

Greeks consider throwing money at dancers to be good luck.  There was a lot of luck in the air that night.

greek wedding dance with money

To see more from this wedding click on the image below to see highlights.

Now that you have seen how we captured the wedding, you can watch the show to see how a reality TV depicts it and see how the other brides felt about the wedding.  The episode featuring Kally and George will be airing on TLC on January 14 at 7:00 pm and on January 15 at 2:00 am EST.  Even though we captured about 2,000 images from their wedding, don’t be surprised if we were not caught on camera.  One of our grooms (and a mother of another groom) compared us to ninjas who lurk in the in shadows and miraculously appear when there is an important moment to be captured.

January 14, 2011 - 6:45 pm

Kally - Thank you Alice and James! We love our pictures and you both captured our whole day and did not miss a moment. So many of our friends and family expressed to us how much they loved the pictures. As for the show…let’s just say there is a lot of editing and behind the scenes action that no one knows about…but in the end it was really cool seeing myself on TV! Thank you both for everything!

January 19, 2011 - 5:36 pm

aliceandjames - Thanks so much for the kind words, Kally. You and George had such a fun wedding – we had a great time photographing it! We watched the show on Friday and loved watching the little clips of you guys before the wedding!

January 31, 2011 - 12:17 am

Kid Rock - Very good article I enjoy your website. Keep up the great blog posts.

January 31, 2011 - 5:58 am

Marg - I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. WOW You guys are so talented.

January 31, 2011 - 11:21 am

Everlyn - Only want to say your photos are simply spectacular. Thanks a million and please keep up the great work.