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Car Falls Down Elevator Shaft – Right Next Door!

We had a little excitement this morning.  Our entire block was full of fire trucks because a car fell down the elevator shaft in the parking garage next to our building.  Usually I am the first to jump in and help, but seeing that there were plenty of first responders at the scene, it was obvious they didn’t need my help.  Also noticing that there where no reporters yet, I grabbed my camera.

I got a shot of the first injured employee taken out by stretcher at about 10:15am.    Thankfully, it looks like he only had minor injuries.

I watched a few firemen from the “Cavemen Unit” try to get access through the window above the car.  With a name like that, I assume this is their specialty.

At 10:40AM, they took out another worker who looked like he was in really bad shape.   Poor man.  I guess he was the guy driving the car that fell down the shaft.  Rumor was that he had fallen four stories.

This is what a Lexus SUV looks like after falling 4 stories.

Let me have them flip it over so you can see the other side.

The employee driving the car is lucky to be alive.  Amazing that they were able to pull him out of the car while it was still in the elevator shaft.

I think that’s the owner of the car – the man in the white shirt looking at his manual.  Sorry, but I doubt the car falling down 4 stories is in the manual.

The press conference was held in front of our building.  Recognize any local reporters?

As a regular New Yorker, it was very reassuring to see the NY Fire Department come to the rescue so quickly with such impressive equipment.  Our best wishes to the 2 injured men – we hope they recover quickly!  Unfortunately it looks like the car will be heading to the junk yard.