Hmm...who (or what) is Funico you might be asking yourself?  

In short, we are a husband-and-wife led team of award-winning photographers and videographers.   Our names are actually Alice & James Thompson, not Alice & James Funico (though we've gotten mail addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Funico!)  So, where did "Funico" come from?  Our imagination! :)  We created the word "Funico" because we wanted a name that people would remember and something that includes the word "fun" in it.  Your wedding is a celebration and all parts of it should be FUN!

We love everything about photographing weddings!  The fun candid moments.  Harnessing light to create PHOTOGRAPHIC ART.  And giving you amazing photos & videos to enjoy for years to come!

While we're artists, we also believe in being professionals. We've heard time and time again that while other wedding vendors may cause you stress, we're the easiest part of the wedding planning process :).  You want a photographer who can "roll with the punches." We're experienced and nimble enough to deal with all the issues and keep you calm and happy so that you'll look good in the photos!

Unlike flowers and music, photography and video do not end on the day of the wedding. When choosing a wedding photographer or videographer, you should be certain that he or she is an artist AND a professional.  To make sure you get the product you expect.  Without hassles, in a timely manner and done well!