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    We love everything about photographing weddings! The fun candid moments. Harnessing light to create PHOTOGRAPHIC ART. And giving you amazing photos & videos to enjoy for years to come!

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Alix & Michael’s Wedding Photos at Greentree Country Club, Westchester, NY

Alix & Michael met in High School. Actually, it’d be more accurate to say that Mike fell in love with Alix when he met her in High School! Years later, the couple happily wedded and celebrated with a big fun party at Greentree Country Club. Many congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Kossack!

greentree country club outdoor wedding
greentree country club wedding ceremony

Love this photo of the toast! Love, love how we got Mike’s brother as a reflection in the winodw!


To see more photos of their wedding day, click on the play button below.

Denise & Paul’s Wedding Photos at Giando on the Water, Brooklyn, NYC

We were so excited when Denise contacted us about her wedding. She had been a dancer on Saturday Night Fever, a movie that we love! Keeping with her dance roots, she now has a studio where she teaches dance. When we heard that, we had to seize the opportunity to do a unique photo shoot at the studio and boy, did Denise & we all have fun!

Paul really married an amazing woman. It really says something about Denise that all of her little students took the time to come out to do this special photo shoot with her. A lot of them had flowers and cards and gave her big hugs – you could tell that they all love her.

The happy couple’s ceremony & reception were all held at Giando on the Water. To get married in front of such breathtaking views of New York’s bridges and skyline – WOW is all we can say.

giando on the water wedding photo

To see more photos of Denise & Paul’s happy day, click on the play button below.

To see the full gallery, click here.

Johana & Jeremiah’s Wedding Photos in New Rochelle, NY

Johana first met Jeremiah one morning while he was cooking eggs for his housemates in college. They struck up a conversation and both knew they had just met someone very special. So much so that their relationship still flourished even while Jeremiah finished his Masters Degree in Nuclear Engineering in Florida and Johana worked as a teacher in New York. While Nuclear Engineering is very impressive, we think Jeremiah has met his match since Johana can speak 5 different languages fluently!

Not only do they have the gift of intelligence, they are blessed with just as much love and passion for each other. As you can see from the photos, the emotions were flowing during the ceremony.

Johana recently wrote a review about us and in it, she talked about our “bright smiles and positive energy” on their wedding day. When you spend a day with this couple, you have no choice but to be happy since their happiness is so contagious!

To Johana & Jeremiah – wishing you many more years of happiness together!

greentree country club bride and groom
greentree country club picture of bride by water

Shaulnie & Suraj’s Wedding Photos in Houston, Texas

We were so excited when Shaulnie & Suraj asked us to photograph their wedding weekend in Houston, Texas. We did their engagement photos last June, but we actually first met Suraj in 2009 when we photographed his sister’s wedding on Long Island. It’s a high compliment when a family flies us down to Texas to photograph another special event!

Meet Suraj in 2009 (and his sister Reena),


Suraj on his wedding day in 2015, and

the spunky & smart surgeon Shaulnie that he asked to be his wife.

chateau cocomar portrait of the bride & groom

Here are some of our favorite photos from their ceremony at Chateau Cocomar, a stunningly beautiful venue, and their reception at the Omni Hotel.

6 years and 2 kids later, Reena still looks amazing – wow!

chateau cocomar wedding photo

NYC Wedding Photographers

To see more images, click on the play button below.

Many thanks to both families for their hospitality while we were in Texas! And a special thanks to Suraj’s mom for giving us a box of the most incredible Baklava we have ever tried!

June 4, 2015 - 7:38 pm

usha garg - Love the photos

June 8, 2015 - 8:35 am

Fotograf Gdansk - Powerful! Colourful! Amazing! 🙂