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Katie & Anthony’s Wedding Photos at the Ryland Inn

Katie & Anthony met in college and if you get to know them, you soon realize they were meant to be together.  Giving each other the same card on their wedding day (by accident!) just shows you how in sync they are.

The happy couple got married at the Ryland Inn and then celebrated with friends & family.  They’ve already started a small family of their own.  We first met their little baby Wrigley on their engagement shoot. Wrigley is very cute, but a little impatient and does not understand that he needs to look at the camera when being photographed. What can you expect from a dog (ha ha : )).


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C-0605-_DDD1500-2ryland inn groomsmenC-0820-_DDD1842ryland inn wedding ceremonyC-0925-_D755363


To see more photos from their happy day, click on the play button: