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Thanks so much for the kind words, Aida & Frank!

Getting this email this morning made us SO happy:

Words cannot describe how incredibly grateful we are to your work, charisma and dedication. We are eternally thankful to the two of you. You are both so poised, good natured and genuine individuals. Your humbleness and your perfection is what drew us to you. As you know, brides and grooms work with all sorts of vendors who not only sell a service, but they also provide you with an experience. When you both walked thru the door yesterday, you have no idea how relieved I was to hear Alice’s laugh and James’ gentle voice. I was so happy to see you not only for our pics but because the feeling that I felt yet again was that of a sense of comfort.

The two of you were able to make me laugh, calm me down and you were able to allow me to be myself in a positive nurturing environment. James, thank you for your kindness and for your genuine words, while I was having a difficult time upstairs. You worked beautifully with Nicole in order to help me. Alice thank you for your quirkiness! We absolutely love you! James and Alice – you are amazing because you are talented, fun, perfectionist and sincere. We hope that you had as much fun as we did with you!!! I hope you had a chance to eat!!!!!!

With admiration for your values, service and your beautiful souls,
Aida and Frank