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Dramatic spring storm captured by photographer

Yesterday was a beautiful Spring day here in NYC. It has been unusually cold, so the warm weather was much appreciated! Unfortunately the Spring-like weather did not last very long. Around 7PM, we could see the dark gray clouds quickly moving in to ruin our good time. The wind whipped up, it got much cooler and dark very quickly These types of storms produce some dramatic clouds So I couldn’t resist running up to the roof to grab a few photos.

My lens was not wide enough to capture the dramatic clouds passing over Manhattan. Taking a photo like this doesn’t capture the whole story of this wicked and evil Spring weather buster of a storm.
NYC skyline

I was able to capture more of its grand entrance by taking several photos and stitching them together to make these panoramic pictures.

Dramatic NYC Skyline photo

Dramatic Manhattan Skyline photo

To capture more of the dramatic sky, I also created a multi-layered panoramic. Meaning I not only joined photos together from the left and right, I also added an additional layer of photos taken of the evil-looking clouds above and voila – meet Mr. Gray Sky!

Manhattan Skyline Photo

This trick also allows us to get the wide shots without the distortion you get if we used a wide fisheye lens. We’ve used this same photography technique to create some amazing landscapes at weddings. So if Mr. Gray Sky shows up at your wedding as an uninvited guest, no worries, we will make the best of it. We enjoy capturing dramatic gray clouds as much as we enjoy capturing beautiful blue skies. One of our panoramic photos is currently featured in the Summer issue of Manhattan Bride magazine. More to come on the Manhattan Bride feature!