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    Thanks for visiting our blog. Who is Funico you might ask? In short, we are:

    Husband-and-wife led team. Award-winning New York wedding photographers and videographers. Creative. Reliable. Trusted.

    Our names are actually Alice & James Thompson, not Alice & James Funico (though we've gotten mail addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Funico!) We invented the word "funico" because we wanted a name that you would remember and something with the word "fun" in it. Your wedding is a celebration and all parts of it should be FUN!

    We started photographing weddings in 2004 and have loved it ever since. As demand for our services grew, we built a small team of photographers and videographers who share our passion. As photographers, we will capture the essence of your wedding with candid photojournalism, fine art portraits and amazing landscapes. At the same time, our videographers will provide a cinematic video for you to enjoy and relive for years to come.

    Our goal is to anticipate and capture the smiles from the heart and the FUN of your celebration!

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Katie & Anthony’s Wedding Photos at the Ryland Inn

Katie & Anthony met in college and if you get to know them, you soon realize they were meant to be together.  Giving each other the same card on their wedding day (by accident!) just shows you how in sync they are.

The happy couple got married at the Ryland Inn and then celebrated with friends & family.  They’ve already started a small family of their own.  We first met their little baby Wrigley on their engagement shoot. Wrigley is very cute, but a little impatient and does not understand that he needs to look at the camera when being photographed. What can you expect from a dog (ha ha : )).


C-0025-_DDD0507C-0142-_D3S3919C-0232-_D755036C-0334-_D755095ryland inn bride and groomC-0496-_DDD1099

C-0605-_DDD1500-2ryland inn groomsmenC-0820-_DDD1842ryland inn wedding ceremonyC-0925-_D755363


To see more photos from their happy day, go to:

Kirsy & Simon’s Wedding Photos in New Rochelle, NY

Kirsy & Simon have 2 adorable little girls who, as you can see, really stole the show. After living in the South for a few years, the couple came back home to New York and celebrated their marriage with friends & family (and their 2 really cute flower girls!) And what a celebration they had. Everyone was happy & smiling the whole evening and Kirsy & Simon ended the evening with a shower of glow sticks!


To see more images from Kirsy & Simon’s wedding day, go to:

Yael & Josh’s Wedding Photos at Studio 450, NYC, NY

Yael & Josh got married on June 28, a beautiful day to celebrate the love they had for each other. June 28 also happened to be 2 days after the Supreme Court declared that same sex couples all over the country can legally marry. NYC was in a festive mood – the gay pride parade was marching, fireworks were lit and the Empire State Building glowed rainbow bright! Yael & Josh’s venue Studio 450,with its wall of windows and fabulous view of the Empire State Building, was in a perfect spot to see it all.

Yael & Josh are perfect for each other.  You can just tell from the way that she looks at him, the way they smile at each other and the way they look so incredibly happy.  Precious moments captured forever in photos.  Many congrats to Yael & Josh – may you always look at each other as you did on June 28!

studio 450 wedding photo

studio 450 wedding ceremony

We loved photographing at Studio 450.  Wonderful loft space all in white and with windows everywhere.  You can decorate it however you’d like and Yael truly has impeccable taste.  Look at this table so fabulously set.  Love the look of the table itself.  Plus the gold runner and the 2 boxes of flowers on top… the effect is so, so stylish & elegant!  Love!

studio 450 wedding portrait of bride & groom

Fireworks & a rainbow Empire State Building – we had to take this historic opportunity to get some photos of Josh & Yael with them!

To see more photos from the wedding, click on the play button below.